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Great Beginnings ...

Some times it's the little ideas that trigger the ball that gets things rolling.

In our case, it was our desire to fill a niche in our local area that was generally lacking in all things non-Christian. The thing though, where and how to start.

Many years ago, a shopkeep friend of ours had to close her doors. Her intent was to reopen elsewhere once she could get up onto her feet again. Since we had the space, her shops inventory went into storage in our home.

As the years passed, one thing led to another and the goods went from being stored to becoming an inheritance. What were we going to do with all of these items? This is how we got that proverbial ball rolling.

We began to sell them on eBay. One thing led to another and we began to invest in new inventory items.

We began to diversify, traveling to and importing from various locations to keep our store stocked with items from around the world.

#Startingout #Storeidea

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