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Traditional Opele Bags are Here!

A Variety of Opele Bags

We have just received a very limited quantity of Traditional Opele Bags in an assortment of colors.

The Opele is a divination tool of the Babalawo/Iyanifa and every Awo should carry their Opele and Ibos in an Opele Bag. It is not just a storage bag, but also a small mat that also serves as a convenient surface for throwing your Opele.

This is not an "Apo IFA" or Akapo's Bag (a bag large enough to carry ikins, opon, tapper, eruke, etc.) These bags are meant to be carried in your pocket or purse.


Update, we are planning to sell these along with a package of ibos (the determinants). We are in the process of putting the ibos together, we are having difficulty obtaining the specific seeds necessary to build the compliment of ibos. As soon as they are grouped, we will be selling them either as a stand-alone item or as a package with the bags.

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